11 traits you need to be an effective remote worker

Working from home seems like a cool job, right? You won’t experience getting stuck in torrential rain waiting for a delayed bus or train after a long day at the office. You also do not have to wash and prepare your working clothes or have to deal with your annoying workmates or stressful boss.

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Working remotely truly offers people a world of advantages, which explains why so many would like to work at their homes. However, working remotely is not all about rainbows and unicorns. But doing your job outside of a traditional office setting takes some getting used to, and if you go in unprepared, you could end up struggling or even hurting your career in the process. With that in mind, you need to have certain skills to become an effective remote worker.

The number one skill you need to have if you want to become an effective remote worker is strong communication skills. While communication skills are essential for flourishing in the workplace, it is even more important for remote freelancers. When working remotely, the majority of the tasks involve online correspondence, so written communication skills are a must.

Moreover, every remote worker should possess is independence and being able to motivate himself. It is important that you do not rely so much on external sources of motivation. And although it is important for remote freelancers to fit into the company and collaborate on various projects, working remotely means that you will spend a great deal of time on their own.

Remote workers should also be good at prioritising and organising things. When working remotely, you are required to deliver quality work in a timely manner. Being organised, managing time wisely, and multi-tasking efficiently is all skills that companies look for when hiring new remote freelancers. Hence, you should develop such skills in order to become good at what you do.

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