How to lower the cost of bathroom renovations

Bathroom renovation is always an expensive undertaking. For that reason, it’s a smart idea to calculate how much the project can cost you before you decide you throw out the existing one. Keep in mind that no two bathrooms will have the same cost even if the same designer worked on them. That’s because there are several factors that cost of bathroom renovation.

Cost of Bathroom renovations

The size of the bathroom

If you want to calculate the overall cost your bathroom renovation will have, you should start by measuring the size of your bathroom. When it comes to measuring, it doesn’t mean that you only have no measure the floor. Instead, you also need to measure the wall. Grab a measuring tape and don’t forget to write the measurements because numbers are easy to forget.

The materials you will use

One of the most important aspects in calculating the cost of your renovation project is your choice of materials. For example, there are bathroom renovation materials such as hand-painted tiles that look incredible, but cost a fortune.


Shop around when choosing a contractor; don’t just go with someone who gives you an estimate. Choose the companies that offer cheap renovation services, and other companies.

Bathroom renovation can truly be an expensive project. However, these three tips can help you lower the cost and help you save some bucks.

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